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Recreation And Therapy

Our folks are encouraged to engage in safe and appropriate interests that add positivity and happiness to their lives. We provide a wide array of recreational activities for them to enjoy and use our 17,000 square-foot activity center to host group activities like parties, dances, movies, barbecues, and other special events for our community. There is never a dull moment at DRI!

Our activity center is outfitted with several rooms and multi-use areas including:

  • A full-service cafeteria and commercial kitchen
  • An activity room with ping pong, Nintendo Wii, Foosball, and more
  • An arts and crafts room
  • A media room/ library combination with theater seating, computers, and reading area
  • A physical therapy room
  • A ¾-size gymnasium with walking track, fitness equipment, basketball goals, volleyball, movie projection screen, and more
  • A huge covered patio with picnic tables
  • Our outdoor covered patio area provides another space for eating and special events as well as additional programming like physical fitness, nutritional education, and food service programs that will not only enhance the lives of those we serve, but could also extend their lives with better spiritual, emotional, and physical health.

    Vocational Training

    We feel that the fulfillment and self-esteem our folks receive from having a job are very important and many of our folks desire employment as a life goal. We work with each individual to assess and develop their specific skills, abilities, and goals, taking into consideration which jobs they can and want to do.

    Some of our vocational options are:

    • Packaging Morton’s Chili Blend seasoning
    • Making the jalapeno pepper bites for Perini’s Steakhouse
    • Folding aprons, towels, and robes for Cintas
    • Participating in our Document Destruction Services Program

    Participants who choose to work in the vocational portion of the DRI Day Program are paid a commensurate wage for the work they perform. All programs are fully supervised by qualified, well-trained staff.

    Developmental And Life Skills Training

    We support our folks through a variety of educational activities and classes. This instruction is incorporated into our daily programs. Instead of focusing on grades or graduation, we provide continued support through various educational activities like science and history films, gardening, reading, and more. These coordinated activities make learning fun and provide opportunities for social engagement and relationship building. We also practice counting money, work puzzles, complete art projects, and play musical instruments, to name a few.

    Folks at DRI pursue a wide range of skills that enable them to reach the highest level of independence possible while discovering new things about their potential and capabilities along the way. We provide individualized training in all areas of self-help skills, daily living skills, and social skills necessary for integration into the community. All training and educational services deliberately attempt to facilitate the effective development of every individual.

    Day Program Hours

    The Day Program at DRI operates from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. City Link bus service makes regularly scheduled stops at the DRI campus.

    If you’d like to take a personal tour of our facilities please call (325) 677-6815 or contact us online to schedule a tour.