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What We Do

DRI, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is a planned community that provides lifetime care to adults with intellectual disabilities. Our campus is nestled on 170 acres with an abundance of green space and is intentionally designed to be a pleasant and comfortable environment to live and work in.

The caring and trained staff at DRI understand the needs of our folks here, the essential importance of their direct care, and the self-esteem and life enrichment they gain from the vocational training, education, and socialization.

We have designed our campus to be a vibrant, loving home for individuals with disabilities. It consists of seven different residential homes where we provide varying levels of care, as well as indoor and outdoor recreation, a vocational center, and a multi-purpose community center that provides a place to gather for meals, special events, leisure activities, and more.

Our History

The concept of Disability Resources, Inc. began in 1983 when two pioneering families envisioned the creation of a residential community for their children with intellectual disabilities. They formed a task group to study the needs of families faced with their same situation, and in 1987, DRI was chartered to provide exceptional care and contented lives, in a Christian environment, to adults with intellectual challenges. We remain faithful to this mission.

Since the first resident was accepted in 1989, DRI has grown from a single leased home, to seven residential facilities which provide loving homes to more than 40 individuals

The purpose of DRI is to provide residential care, vocational training, and meaningful jobs for intellectually disabled individuals who qualify for the program. Disability Resources is financed by private donations, residential fees, vocational enterprises, and some state funding.

A Growing Community

Since 1987, DRI has experienced tremendous growth. The program now has seven residences and a 170-acre main campus with a vocational center, administration center, and a new 17,000 square-foot multi-purpose activity center. Yet there is still a great need for the kinds of services we provide. We are working hard to continue to expand to be able to meet these needs for our folks.