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Services We Provide

Routine Onsite Pickup

We pick up your documents on-site with scheduled pick-ups at your location. We are fast, efficient, and won’t disrupt your daily productivity. Routine shredding services are available weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly.

Purge Jobs

We can handle any stockpile of documents that is waiting to be shredded. No job is too large and we offer individual quotes for pick-up and document destruction.

Walk-In / Drop-Off

Bring your documents to DRI for safe and secure shredding service. This is great for small shredding jobs that we can take care of quickly. Convenient shred bags are available at the DRI store on campus or you can call (325) 677-6815 to get them.

Our Secure Process

We provide your company with attractive, locked bins (and a key) for document storage until your scheduled pick-up. You may choose from the following bin options to best suit your needs:

Executive console: Holds 50-60 lbs. of paper
65-gallon bin: Holds 200-250 lbs. of paper
95-gallon bin: Holds 300-350 lbs. of paper

Our driver picks up and transports your locked bin on our secured truck. At our secure facility, your bin is weighed and remains locked until it enters the sorting process.

During the sorting process, our workers remove clips, folders, etc. (anything other than the documentation) and it all remains completely confidential. The documents are shredded within 72 hours of arriving at our facility.

The shredded paper falls into a large baler that compresses the shreds into a 1,000-lb. bale. The bales are moved by forklift into a secure storage facility and shipped directly to the paper mill where they are dissolved to make more paper.

Our document destruction process complies with all state and federal information disposal laws.

Our Bin Sizes

Holds 50-60 pounds of paper.

Holds 200-250 pounds of paper.

Holds 300-350 pounds of paper.

Confidential And Secure

  • NAID Member
  • Insured
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Locked Bins/Consoles
  • Background and Drug Screen
  • Customer Witness
  • Video Surveillance
  • Internal Security Screening

Our Service Area

We proudly serve the city of Abilene and surrounding areas including:

  • WEST- Tye, Merkel, Sweetwater
  • EAST- Clyde, Baird, Cisco, Eastland, Ranger
  • NORTH- Hawley, Anson, Albany, Hamlin, Stamford
  • SOUTH-Buffalo Gap, Tuscola, Winters

Modern Systems & Recycling

Our high-capacity shredders can process more than 2,000 pounds of paper each hour. The shredded paper is then packed into 1,100 pound bales and sent out to be recycled.

Each ton of paper we recycle provides 20 to 24 hours of pay for our folks. It also saves approximately 7,000 gallons of water; 17-31 trees; 4,000KWh of electricity; and 60 pounds of air pollutants.

7 Reasons You Need A Document Shredding Program

To protect your employees.

Prevent the loss of trade secrets.

It’s the green thing to do.

It’s the law.

To protect your customer’s data.

To protect against dumpster divers.

To save money.

Start Your Shredding Service Today

If you’d like more information about DRI’s document destruction services, please contact Eric Morris at (325)-232-6918 or email info@driabilene.org, or use the form below.

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