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Criteria For Admission To ICF Homes

The Intermediate Care Facility provides services to individuals who have a diagnosis of intellectual disability or who do not have intellectual disability but who have a related condition.

  1. The condition is attributed to:
    • Cerebral palsy or epilepsy; or
    • Any other condition, other than mental illness, found to be closely related to intellectual disability because the condition results in impairment of general intellectual functioning or adaptive behavior similar to that of persons with intellectual disability, and requires treatment or services similar to those required for intellectual disabled persons (must be one of a group of TXMHMR approved diagnoses).
  2. The condition is manifested before the person reaches the age of 22.
  3. The condition is likely to continue indefinitely.
  4. The condition causes substantial functioning limitations in at least three areas of major life activity:
    • Self-care
    • Understanding and use of language
    • Learning
    • Mobility
    • Self-direction
    • Capacity for independent living
  5. The individual exhibits moderate to extreme deficits in adaptive behavior as evidenced by an adaptive behavior level of II, III or IV.
  6. The individual has a need for and able to benefit from the active treatment provided in the 24-hour supervised residential setting. This must be evidenced by information submitted for a level-of-care determination by the Texas Department of Human Services. Level-of-care determinations are based on variables regarding the developmental needs of each individual’s (A) adaptive behavior and (B) health status.
  7. The individual meets the Title XIX Medicaid financial eligibility criteria and level-of care criteria.
  8. The individual is 18 years of age or older.
  9. The individual is overall healthy, free from communicable diseases.
  10. The individual exhibits no extreme behavioral problems.
  11. The individual MUST be able to evacuate the building independently. Disability Resources also has five homes, licensed as Assisted Living Facilities (ALF), which are private pay.