Here at Disability Resources, we take infection control very seriously to keep our folks safe and well. While we take great precautions to eliminate exposure to any illness or contagion that could infect and disrupt the lives of the folks at DRI, the threat of COVID-19 is being treated no differently. We appreciate our volunteers tremendously, but for the safety of all, we are requesting no additional people enter our facility at this time. We are diligently screening each of our clients and all staff members daily for any signs or symptoms of illness. We have placed a temporary travel hold for our clients at this time. While we typically strive for community involvement, it is much more important at this time to limit the amount of unnecessary exposure for our folks. All off campus jobs, volunteer opportunities, and routine tasks like grocery shopping that our folks participate in regularly have been put on hold at this time. We have rescheduled all medical appointments that have not been determined medically necessary by our staff nurses. We are, as always, encouraging frequent hand washing. We have not skipped a beat when it comes to sanitizing common surfaces. We appreciate the support and understanding when it comes to keeping our folks healthy and encourage all of our supporters to do the same for themselves