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Document Destruction

Scheduled Pick-up, Purge Jobs, and Walk-ins Welcome

Document Destruction offers an affordable and secure way for your company to have important and confidential documents shredded while at the same time providing an important and unique vocational opportunity for our residents. Our vocational programs exist to provide safe, supportive and meaningful jobs for our “Folks.”

Attractive Collection Bins

Your confidential documents will be securely stored in one of our locked bins or consoles. With our scheduled pick-ups you will never again have to worry about paper pile-ups.

Modern Systems

Our high-capacity shredders can process more than 2,000 pounds of paper each hour. The shredded paper is then packed into 1,100 lb bales and sent out to be recycled.

Paper Recycling

Each ton of paper we recycle provides 20 to 24 hours of pay for our folks. It also saves approximately 7,000 gallons of water; 17-31 trees; 4,000KWh of electricity; and 60 pounds of air pollutants.

Disability Resources, Inc.

DRI exists to provide exceptional care and contented lives to intellectually challenged adults in a Christian environment.

Our Services

Scheduled On-Site Pick-Up

The convenience of on-site pick-up means you will never have to worry about over-flowing bins. Our scheduled pick-ups at your location are fast and effiecient with very little disruption to your productivity.

Fast, Secure Destruction of your Documents

Your locked document container is brought to our secure facility to be processed through our shredders within two business days.

Purge Jobs

Do you have a stock-pile of documents just waiting to be shred? Call us today for a quote on the pick-up and destruction of those documents. No job is too large!

Drop-Off Services Available

Bring your papers to DRI for our drop-off shredding service. This is a quick and convenient way to take care of small shred jobs. No job is too small!

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