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Summer Camps

Camp is a great way to learn about DRI and to participate in our great programs, such as vocational training, social skills classes, life skills classes, exercise, and much more!

Campers will be involved in the processing line with the vocational program, as well as participating in activities throughout the day at the activity center. Additionally, we will have the HSU Six White Horses, movie night, and a picnic on the patio during camp. Ages for camp is 18 and above.

Life skills and peer relationships will also be enhanced after a week at camp. DRI is a place for hope and a bright future. If you, or a family you know, are looking for camp for a loved one who has special needs, please contact us.

We also offer respite care at any time during the year.

Contact information for the camp or respite care:

Becky Moody, Senior Director of Programs
Disability Resources, Inc.
3602 N. Clack
Abilene, TX 79601