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How to Apply

All applications will be carefully evaluated by a multi-disciplinary team. Please submit the following information to:

Disability Resources, Inc.
PO Box 1880
Abilene, TX 79604
Attn: Admissions

Download the application

Or, you may fax the following information to: (325) 673-7829

  1. Contact information, including your name, address and phone number; name, gender and age of the person to be admitted.
  2. A full psychological evaluation administered by a licensed clinical or school psychologist within the last 5 years. Include test results for adult IQ and adaptive behavior.
  3. Annual school (IEP), day programming and/or residential goal plans. Include behavioral intervention plans if applicable.
  4. Recent physical/health records, including immunization and current medications.
  5. Specialist consultation notes (e.g., psychiatrist, neurologist).
  6. Other pertinent information regarding the special needs of the individual. After reviewing your application packet we will contact you to discuss our evaluation. If you and we feel that DRI is a good fit we will invite you and the applicant to visit us. The final stage in our evaluation is a pre-admission visit for the applicant at DRI for at least 2 days and as much as 10 days, to be determined. Prior to the pre-admission visit we will need the following:
    1. A recent medical history/physical exam form. A State of Texas form will be provided by DRI.
    2. Current physicians order for medication.
    3. The 2-part Mantoux TB Screening test results (must be within the past year).