75% of families that have a loved one with special needs are not aware of all of the opportunities for care that are available to them. Watch this short video to see how we serve those families.

Promise of Home

Tour the Mission of DRI!

We are proud to share our story with you. Come join us the first or fourth Thursday of each month at 2:00 pm to experience our "Promise of Home" tours. These one hour tours give you a first-hand look at the mission of DRI. Tour slots are limited. Call 325-677-6815 to RSVP.

Who We Are

Located in Abilene, Texas,

Disability Resources, Incorporated

(DRI), began in 1987 with the wish of a young man who wanted a place to live, work and play with his friends. In fact, our logo is an artist’s rendering of what he drew in the dirt with a stick when he illustrated with his heart what his words could not say.

From that wish to today, the mission of DRI has been to provide exceptional care and contented lives to intellectually challenged adults in a Christian environment. Our organization has grown to a 170 acre main campus, including seven group homes and a thriving vocational center. In addition, we recently completed a 17,000 square foot multi-purpose activity center that will further expand our ability to provide vocational as well as recreational programs for our “Folks” here.

Who We Help

Disability Resources, Incorporated

(DRI) was founded in 1987 to offer residential care and vocational training to adults with developmental disabilities. Adults at least 18 years old, with a diagnosis of developmental disability or related condition, are eligible to participate in either our full-time resident program or our day-only vocational training and activities program. We have “Folks” residing and working at DRI who are faced with developmental challenges such as Down Syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy, head injury, and mild mental retardation. If you know someone who could benefit from all that DRI has to offer, please call for more information…or better yet, come for a visit.

How We Help

Disability Resources, Incorporated

(DRI), a nonprofit agency, is dedicated to creating a uniquely nurturing community for adults with developmental disabilities. Since 1987, DRI has provided residential care, vocational training, and recreation activities to this underserved population. Whether enrolled in our full-time resident program or our day-only vocational training and activities program, our “Folks” are cared for with the utmost respect and love. Our staff is committed to providing innovative opportunities for full and meaningful participation in all aspects of life.

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